Yin yoga & Gong bath

Welcome to a cozy relaxing friday evening just for you!

We’re offering a mix of Yin yoga and Gong bath to maximize your relaxation & recovery in between the stress of the holidays.

Come as you are and allow yourself to melt and relax into this unique experience of a wonderful fusion and gentle movement together with harmonizing frequencies. Start your weekend in the best possible way, together, with us.

A 90 min of yin guidance together with Ging healing and a additional 30 min of Gong bath solo in shavasana.

About us:

Rebecka Latoś:

A multi-certified international yoga teacher, mindfulness coach and fitness instructor with roots from many corners around the world.

Ever since she can remember, spirituality and eastern oriental lifestyle been inspiring her during childhood along with her mother’s yoga practice.

In 2012, Rebecka left Sweden to explore the world. While living in Australia, she found her passion for yoga and spirituality through her two yoga teachers. Up to present time, it was crystal clear that there was no return to a life without yoga.

”Yoga is a relationship built between the body, mind and soul. You are released from negativity, stress, counteracts physical and mental diseases, as well as creating clean energy in body and spirit. Yoga has given me physical, hence, above all, mental balance. When sharing my knowledge and the way trough yoga in life, one can increase positive energy and joy of life on a new level. ”

Traveling across the world, she’s been teaching around Southeast Asia, Africa, India, Latin America, Oceania, Europe and Scandinavia.

”In western society, we easy forget that yoga is much more than only asanas. I’d like to invite beginners to experienced yoga practitioners to remind ourselves to connect the mind and the body from asanas and out to our everyday-life. That it is okay to let got, that straight and still is not the finish line.”


Robin Hallsten:

Robin is a holistic lifestyle coach at PLC (www.plclub.se), where he helps clients to relax deeply. He’s a specialist in working in (the opposite of working out) with the help of gongs and soundhealing therapy, helping people to connect and come in balance with themselves. Robin has over 15 years of experience of meditation and has realised that gongs are one of the best ways to help us relax deeply.


WHERE: Lyckoreceptet, Linnégatan 9, Göteborg

WHEN: 16 december 18.00-20.00
Investment: 400 kr

Du kan fram till 48 h innan eventet startar avboka med full återbetalning. Därefter sker inga återbetalningar.


dec 16 2022


18:00 - 20:00



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Linnégatan 9
Linnégatan 9, Göteborg


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